The Leaf Grip Sleeve



The Leaf Grip Sleeve is a custom molded accessory that users can slide onto The Leaf Razor to enhance grip. This is particularly useful if someone shaves in the shower, or finds they want additional tact when shaving. You can slide your silicone sleeve on, and remove it whenever you like.

Application instructions

Step 01 – Get ready to slide

Wet the handle of your Leaf Razor and apply a little bit of soap for some extra slippy slidy.

Step 02 – Slide it on

Slide the Leaf Grip Sleeve onto the handle. Start with the ‘small’ opening side (it’s tapered to match the handle taper). The waffle pattern should be ‘on top’ of the razor as you install it like in the picture.


Step 03 – Rinse thoroughly

Set the height you want it at (most people like to pull it up to the ‘y’ of the handle). Then rinse the whole handle thoroughly making sure to rinse the soap away from around the grip, under the grip and all around. You’ll feel it suction to the handle once the soap is properly rinsed away.

You’re good to go!

The Leaf Grip Sleeve for Leaf Razor


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