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Hi, I’m the Leaf Razor. I’m the world’s first multi-blade, pivoting head safety razor. Let me show you how I work, who I’m a good fit for, and how to use and care for me.

I’m often told I’m a “Game Changer.” There is no other razor like me. I’ve been specifically engineered to make shaving plastic-free easier, safer and faster than any other option before me. Here are some features that should put any nerves you have at ease:

  • Pivoting head
  • Fully recyclable blades
  • Magnetic-loading assist
  • Load 1, 2 or 3 blades
  • Non-proprietary blades
  • Lifetime warranty

People-friendly is as important as eco-friendly! Leaf Shave design their razors be open, not only for use with proprietary blades. Use Leaf blades any generic double-edge blade.

Am I the right razor for you? I excel at efficiently shaving lots of areas! I’m a particularly good fit if you have concerns about using a safety razor given that I shave more like modern razors. And if you want adjustability (make your shave more or less aggressive to match your skin), I’m the right razor for you.

Read Adam’s blog post on why A Razor is the Best Father’s Day Gift He Can Receive here. Given the price point a Leaf razor is a super generous gift. But by gifting a Leaf to friends, family or partners, you’re giving a lifetime of plastic free shaves. Plus, Leaf razors are made to last and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Shaving with Leaf unlocks the very inexpensive (but high quality) use of safety razor blades which allows you to replace your blades at about one-tenth the cost of disposable plastic cartridges. You will see a return on your investment quickly, saving on overpriced disposable blades, and preventing plastic from our landfills!

When might the Twig Razor be the right choice?

If my upfront cost is out of your budget, the Twig Razor is an excellent place to start shaving plastic-free. Also, if you primarily only shave small areas, like under arm, bikini lines, or if you have trouble in tight places like under your nose, the Twig excels in shaving small areas.

Care instructions for all Leaf Shave products

Since zinc alloy is a naturally corrosion-resistant base material, all of Leaf Shave’s razors are coated for high corrosion resistance. Simply take proper care of it, and it will serve you well for a very long time. Like a tool you want to last, treat it with the same level of care by keeping it clean and rinsing and drying it after each use (yes you can keep it stored in your shower, just make sure to keep it clean and cared for).

The razor itself won’t rust, because it’s treated to prevent corrosion. However, shaving blades of any variety are made of a type of stainless steel that will eventually tarnish. This process is accelerated by the presence of water. So if you’d like to keep your blades lasting as long as possible, keep them dry between uses.

If you do find that the blade has tarnished and stained the inside of your Leaf Razor head: don’t worry! This is easy to clean off. Take a dab of dish soap and an old toothbrush and scrub-a-dub-dub the head.

Day to day care

After each use, thoroughly rinse your razor. Open the head and rinse any remaining soap or hair from the razor and blades. Store in a dry place. If you’re going to store it in the shower, make sure it is not placed directly beneath running water.

Periodic maintenance

Perform a thorough cleaning once per month or as necessary. Keep an old toothbrush on hand to scrub up some bubbly and clean out the crevices with a little dish soap. Try dipping the razor in rubbing alcohol as a finishing touch to clean it and remove any remaining moisture

Deep clean

If you find that your razor has tough soap residue, or hard water stains: prepare a bath for the razor made up of 1 parts vinegar, 1 parts water. Let the razor soak for 10 minutes. The vinegar will break down mineralized water and soap residue. Following the bath, scrub the razor as described above, and buff with a soft towl or cloth.

What’s included?

The Leaf Razor comes with a small set of 10 blades to get started. Refill packs of 50 blades can be purchased separately.


Need plastic-free shaving soap? Look at our option here. If you shave in the shower, Leaf’s custom silicone grip sleeve is the perfect addition to your Leaf Razor. Need a shaving brush and a razor stand? Have a look here. If you’d like to recycle your used blades, Leaf’s blade recycling tin is designed to hold *years* worth of blades for most people.

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2 reviews for The Leaf Razor in Silver or Chrome Finish

  1. Tegan

    I have never been drawn to lazer and even though I wax some bits, waxing my legs is just a no, too much area space for pain and I can’t sit around and wait for leg hairs to grow ripe for waxing.

    I bought this Leaf Razor (the chrome options) as a Christmas present to myself because shaving legs has always felt like a tedious task.

    History: I switched over to a reusable razor 2 years ago and I just kept nicking my skin which made me want to avoid shaving even more. When I saw this product on Shop Zero’s instagram page, my divine feminine senses immediately got activated and I did some research – after going onto Leafs instagram account and watching the reviews, I was sold and I don’t regret a cent, (and there are many cents as this is from the US) but such a worthy investment for a task I need to do once a week.

    The razor head takes 3 half blades, which fit in so easily as there is a magnet to help you position the blades – so you literally just have to stroke once over an area, not that repetition business where you have to keep checking if you’ve missed any hairs – so shaving time is cut in half.

    This is my favourite; the head pivots and tilts as you shave your leg and I haven’t had a cut since shaving with this razor. I get in the shower, soap my leg, a few up strokes and I’m done.

    The razor does need some TLC, so check the care instructions.

    If you’re on the fence, I’m here to advocate that this might be the best there is in the sustainable shaving world <3

    Thank you Shop Zero!

  2. anker999

    Got my Leaf razor today and shaved my which had about 3 days growth. I normally shave my head every 2nd day. Previously used the headblade razor.

    All I can say is wow!!! Smooth as a baby’s bum and I only did 1 shave!

    Definitely my “go to” razor! Many reviews on youtube … HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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