Why Shop Zero?
Unnecessary packaging and disposable items have turned us into a careless society, disconnected from the wellbeing of our planet.  It seems easier to throw things away and buy more, rather than rethink our choices.  But at what cost?  Earth’s future and our own with it?     We are giving South Africans the option to shop producing very little to zero waste, which helps prevent and divert as much trash from the landfills as possible.  Customers are encouraged to buy only what they need using their own containers or utilising reusable packaging.  This way you buy as much as you need and Shop Zero waste.

How long does delivery take?
5-7 working days from proof of payment.

How do you pack your online orders?
Our food products are packed in brown paper bags that are made from recycled paper.  We then pack each online order in a reused box which we collect from deliveries made to us by our suppliers or donated by friends and family.  We seal the boxes with 100% fully biodegradable packing tape.  

What is your policy on returns?
If you have any issues with a product you bought from us online, please email us and we’ll address it personally.  We do not accept returns via courier or post or issue refunds (unless agreed otherwise).  We are confident we can come to a fair agreement if a product you bought from us is defective, although we ensure all products are in good order before we pack and ship them.

We encourage you to research all products before you decide to buy them, or call or email us (before you order) with any product questions you may have. We are happy to help!