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We’re a Zero Waste, Plastic-Free Lifestyle Store

Shop Zero offers green options for earth-conscious customers with little or zero packaging.  We serve health foods, toiletries, household products and cleaners with no packaging and you can refill reusable containers to buy as much or as little as needed.

Driven by a need to make a positive change for the sake of our planet and our children’s future, we believe in bringing people together and helping them on their journey to reduced waste.   We create awareness around pollution to try and prevent and divert trash from the landfills and help reduce the use of plastic.  We are a community. We are Shop Zero…

At Shop Zero we have a passion for healthy living and single-use plastic alternatives, combined with a wholehearted respect for Mother Earth and everything she readily gives us.  We’re here to bring general well-being and healthy living back to families.

Our suppliers are carefully chosen based on their dedication to the zero waste movement to ensure our products are not only ethical, but also just plain awesome!  We’re vegan and vegetarian owned and operated, aiming to keep a low carbon footprint.  We offset our impact where we can with intuitive solutions like supporting reforestation projects and donating portions of proceeds to ocean conservation.

For customers who are not able to visit our store, we have created this zero waste online shopping experience with nationwide delivery.   We would love to meet you though, so if you are able, please visit our shop or  pop us a mail .   Thank you for your support and dedication to the zero waste movement and being part of the change!