Environmental Responsibility

How do we practise ‘earthlove’?  Reducing our carbon footprint is one way to show our planet how much we love it, but we can do so much more.  Our aim is to also increase our oxygen levels.

Online Order Delight

All online orders come with a special seeded ‘thank you’ note – one that you can literally plant and then watch it grow.  The cards are made of previously used paper and contain marigold seeds to attract pollinators to your garden. This helps protect our rapidly decreasing bee populations. Without bees we would have no food security, so let’s do our part in helping them to continue pollinating our fruits and vegetables.

Free Spekboom Cutting

You’ll also receive a free spekboom cutting with your online order.  This super plant helps fight air pollution and is super easy to grow – you can even make vegan brownies with it. Yum yum! It’s a climate crisis, and together we can take action – one spekboom cutting at a time. This is also part of our effort to offset our carbon footprint for importing certain products.  (PS: we only import when we can’t source that specific product or a suitable counterpart locally.)

Shop Zero Initiatives

Currently we give the ‘earth love’ by being involved in the following projects. If you have any other projects for us, please email us at info@shopzero.co.za.

1.) We’ve cleared 1389.5 kg of trash off the beach during our beach cleaning activities and especially love joining our friends, The Future Kids on their cleanup days.
2.) We help customers divert plastic from landfill by collecting their ecobricks.
3.) We visit schools and host talks on plastic pollution.
4.) We support Greenpop’s reforestation projects by selling their tree rings as well as selling ‘Arise Coffee’ where one tree is planted for every 3kg sold.
5.) We help fund 7SEASROPE‘s beach cleanups by selling their handcrafted bracelet made from materials retrieved from the sea as well as their earrings made from microplastics collected during their beach cleanup projects. We also carry their Microplastics Key Clip. 7SEASROPE™ is also involved in providing education and research to combat the problem caused by plastics that are polluting our oceans and beaches.

6.) We sell turtle funding jewelry from ocean, beach, mountain trail or road side plastic. For each ‘Plantangle’ you buy, R60 will be donated to the Two Oceans Aquarium’s Turtle Rehabilitation Programme and Shop Zero™ will donate an additional R25 to The Beach Co-op
as well as an additional R25 donation to Sanccob’s Penguin Rehabilitation Programme.