My Eco Sprout Crazy Colourful Carrot Seeds



Different colored carrots like yellow, white, orange, purple and red each have their individual specific set of antioxidants. The taste difference is not extreme though and all of them being exceptionally nutrient dense.

Get your little gardeners to help grow your family’s rainbow carrots with My Eco Sprout’s Crazy Colourful Carrot Seeds and encourage outdoor play at the same time!

30+ seeds per packet including a cute A6 card with growing instructions that your child can keep for years to come as this will form part of their collectable seed range. The packet also contains an A6 colouring in card, My Eco Sprout’s collectable seed chart per order as well as their support and resources.

Carrots grow all year making these seeds a great way to equip your little one with some winter gardening fun. They grow well with tomato, peaspeppers, and onions.

Take a look here to read more about preparing the soil, planting, maintaining and harvesting. Gardening allows children to use all five of their senses and they are physically engaged! Capture their imagination by giving your children the opportunity to explore. Outdoor play and being in nature nurtures.

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