Chickpea Seed Sprout House by My Eco Sprout



This chickpea sprout house is designed to give your child the opportunity to experience and get a better understanding of the stages a seed goes through before successfully growing into a mature plant. A great educational and exciting activity which helps your child develop respect for food and a love for the environment.

This cute eco house comes with chickpea seeds, cotton and instructions. The seeds will sprout within 12 hours after placing the sprout house onto any window. By this time you will see the excitement on your children’s faces! After the first leaf and roots start showing and maturing, the plant in the bag will die down due to the lack of nutrients seeing that it is not planted in the ground. Please help your child to compost or recycle the eco house at this stage.

We do recommend purchasing this product as an add on to My Eco Sprout’s growing kits. This will help your children understand the process of growing their own vegetables from seed. We have My Eco Sprout’s Strawberry Popcorn Growing Kit available for purchase here as well as their Wheatgrass Microgreen Garden available for purchase here.

Take a look at an additional growing guide here. Should Mom look for bigger quantities of chickpeas for cooking dinner, they are available for purchase here.

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