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Classic wet shaving is an enjoyable, premium experience. It’s a great way for the modern man (or woman) to make their shaving ritual more enjoyable, especially with one of these bad boys and one of these beautiful stands. Most importantly, it is a great way to divert disposable plastic parts from landfill.

This wonderful little product can hold around 200 blades and will last around four years should a man, who shaves six days a week, store his blades in it. It looks great sitting on your counter, and using a blade bank is a convenient way for responsibly storing your used blades and the perfect solution for keeping them out of reach of children and pets.

Getting rid of these hazardous items in batches is far more convenient than wrapping up individual blades. Once your blade is no longer sharp enough to shave with, all you do is take it and drop it right into the slot on top. When it fills up you can toss it in your recycling and recycle it all in one go as the tin gets recycled along with the blades. Remember they might not be sharp enough to shave with anymore, but they can still be a safety hazard.

This tin has a removable bottom, so another option is to open it when it fills up, and easily remove your blades to dispose of them safely. Now you can start filling up again. Most cities have their own regulations and guidelines for eliminating razor blades. Check up and follow those guidelines to make sure that you keep your kids, your pets and your sanitation workers safe. See some more ideas on safe disposal here.

Remember to seal the slot with some tape once it is full. Never dispose a loose razor blade in the trash.

End of lifespan

This product is 100% recyclable and can be dropped off at metal recyclers. If you have a service collecting your recycling from home, we do recommend that you give your recycling plant a heads up what the item is and perhaps hand only this item separately to them on the day of collection. Most recycling plants would be able to identify the safe as mild steel and the blades as stainless steel.

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