Lathering Bowl for Shaving Soap


Use this stainless steel lathering bowl to whip up lather from your shaving soap and transform shaving into a ritual. Classic wet shaving’s lathering and prepping can feel like a spa day of pampering. Now is the time for dads and lads to enjoy some pamper time!

In our water scarce country we all have to work together to look after this valuable resource. You can contribute by buying an additional bowl, and using it instead of your basin to soak/heat your brush and razor before you shave, and for rinsing foam from your razor during the shave. Most males use about 2-3 L per shave, using a bowl can reduce that to half a liter or even less!

Soak brush and shake excess water. Load the brush in the bowl and just keep going until you get the consistency you require. The first few lathers takes a bit more work, as the freshly set soap is glazed over, but after a few uses it softens up and provides quick, beautiful lathers. When you are done shaving remove remainder of soap from your brush and drop it back in the bowl, it makes for quicker lather the following day, and conditions the soap for a softer surface layer. You can also load your brush off the bar and lather up in a separate bowl, or directly on your cheeks, as many blokes prefer.

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