Double Edge Safety Razor with 5 Blades

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Reduce your single-use plastic footprint with this sexy, sleek and incredibly environmentally friendly double edge safety razor. Plastic razors come with plastic guards and are wrapped in another layer of plastic. That’s a whole lot of plastic and completely unnecessary! Switch to a metal safety razor, where blades are fully recyclable, biodegrades quicker and have no plastic parts.

Loved by men and women alike, now you can get smooth skin with the added benefit of never having to buy plastic parts again! With its long handle and a weighted feeling in the hand, this double edge safety razor easily gets rid of stubborn leg and face stubble. On top of that, this razor will last you for years to come if taken care of and used sensibly. It will also save you hundreds of rands each year.

Safety razors can be intimidating at first, but they’re called a safety razor for a reason. It has a protective guard between the blade and the skin. The ladies at Shop Zero™ have all personally experienced getting less nicks while using safety razors instead of “normal” plastic razors. Shaving your legs and bikini zone with a safety razor is easy and you will shave confidently in no time. If you’re feeling a bit nervous, this guide may be helpful. Take a look at this video here for more guidance.

This 3-piece safety razor consists of a non-slip handle, the top and the base. It has a zinc alloy head and brass handle and comes with 5 stainless steel blades. Choose between a white, pink, rose gold or gun metal finish.

How to use a double edge safety razor

Twist off the handle by holding the short sides of the razor’s head. This will separate your safety razor into three pieces. Sandwich the blade between the two plates and then screw the handle back into its place. Now you’re ready to shave!

Take short strokes and do not apply too much pressure against your skin. Keep the blade at a 30-degree angle to enjoy a great close shave. The head of your metal razor doesn’t bend like a plastic razor so ensure that you keep your grip light and flexible.

Care instructions

Remove the blade after each shave, thoroughly rinse your safety razor and wipe down with a towel. Place your dry blade back in your razor and you’re ready for your next shave!

End of lifespan

Although the blades are recyclable placing them in your recycling can be dangerous. We recommend keeping a glass jar or any other container you can upcycle in the bathroom. Build your own blade bank or purchase one here. Read more about the disposal of razor blades here.


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Gun metal, Rose gold, Pink, White

1 review for Double Edge Safety Razor with 5 Blades

  1. Ashby

    I purchased a shop zero razor the other day and used it for the first time last night and was so impressed. Razors have been such a hard sustainable switch for me, my skin is sensitive and shaving is not ideal or comfortable. I was a little nervous after manually inserting the blade that it might be easier to cut myself but I experienced no issues at all. I would highly recommend this product!

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