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Less sugar, more spice and everything nice! This virgin, unadulterated tonic is a yummy spoil to spice up your weekend braai. It’s a great sippable non-alcoholic drink which has a quarter of the sugar content of regular tonic. It is very natural tasting, contains no preservatives and each recipe is made to be appreciated not only as a mixer but also on its own. For a refreshing non-alcoholic option, add 50ml of tonic with 150-200ml of soda water.

Contains 18g/100ml of sugar which, after dilution makes a drink of approximately 4g/100ml.

Symmetry Tonics are made from whole botanicals, cinchona bark and bottled in true concentrated form. The addition of various botanicals brings aromatics, savoury and bitter flavours without requiring large amounts of sugar.

Symmetry Spice Tonic is brewed from fragrant spices and Cape Snowbush (Kapokbos) which grows wild across the Cape. Foraged from the Atlantic Coast and the dry Swartland, it is known for its herbaceous perfume and medicinal properties against coughs and colds.

1 bottle makes 20 single servings. Serve on its own or with juniper-forward, earthy gins; vodka or mezcal. Garnish options: Rosemary – lemon zest – cassia bark

This product is simply pasteurised. Refrigerate after opening and consume within a month. A harmless sediment may occur.


Water, cane sugar, cardamom, clove, cinchona, rosemary, lemongrass, lemon, kapokbos, ginger

  • Spirited: Equal parts tonic essence and Gin over ice (eg 50ml each), topped with 2-3 parts of carbonated water and garnish.
  • Non-alcoholic: 50ml of tonic essence over ice topped with 150ml of carbonated water to taste and garnish.

Please note

The product bottle has recently undergone a change in design, however we currently do not have updated photos to reflect this change. Rest assured, though your 500ml bottle may look different, the amazing taste of this product remains unchanged.

The bottle can and should have a second life. Please reuse or repurpose your empty bottle.

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