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Shop Zero™ is 100% female-owned.  We empathise and align our values with the challenges women face in South Africa.  That is why we love this delicious-smelling natural liquid soap, how and where it’s made.  Mhani Gingi Social Entrepreneurial Network operates from the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children in Manenberg, Cape Town.  They have partnered to establish this unique soap-making project.  Its aim is to empower abused women by nurturing their entrepreneurial skills.

Social upliftment

Manenberg is part of the Cape Flats.  The area has high rates of crime, gangsterism, child abuse, unemployment, substance abuse and domestic violence.  The Saartjie Baartman Centre facilitates the management, treatment and prevention of violence against women and children.  It also offers 24-hour crisis response, a residential shelter and transitional housing for abused women and their children, as well as legal assistance and job-skills training.  Being creative and learning a new skill can also help a person heal from traumatic experiences.

This liquid soap predominantly uses organic ingredients and where possible employs environmentally sustainable methods. It is handmade with love by by a group of women called the African Violets. This liquid soap is so gentle that it can also be used as hair shampoo.

Key features

Gentle on the skin
Can also be used as hair shampoo
Contains no harmful petrochemicals
No SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), anionic, cationic surfactants or artificial colouring
Manufactured in South Africa



Sunflower oil, Potash*, Water, Vanilla fragrance
*(Wood/ fire ash that acts as a cleanser by removing ‘harmful’ bacteria and keeping ‘good’ bacteria alive.)

Directions for use

Use like normal liquid soap.
Place a small amount on your natural sponge and add water to lather.
For hair: use as you would liquid hair shampoo.

Shipped in a beautiful reusable amber glass bottle with dispensing pump. Available in a 200ml or 500ml size. Eucalyptus liquid soap also available for purchase here. Customers in Cape Town have the option to order in a reusable and returnable glass bottle. Read more about our container deposit system here.

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200ml, 200ml (excl. deposit), 200ml (incl. deposit), 500ml, 500ml (excl. deposit), 500ml (incl. deposit)


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