Bokashi Digester Bran


Diverting food waste from landfill and re-using it to enrich soil, is a sustainable way of utilising an otherwise environmental hazard. We can help your household easily and quickly recycle food waste into soil food. Looking for the 25L bucket system food waste bin, with tap and internal strainer? Find it here.

Earth Bokashi’s earth friendly formula includes the use of indigenous South African microbes and quality waste ingredients including sawdust, which would otherwise be disposed of into landfills. Earth Bokashi neutralises fermentation odours while delivering the ideal balance between carbon and nitrogen to assist with effective post fermentation treatments.

When bokashi is added to food waste, the moisture in the waste activates the beneficial microbes. This starts an anaerobic (“without air”) fermentation process. The fermentation process stops rotting thus eliminating any foul odours and pre-digesting the food waste so it becomes an easily absorbed soil food.






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1kg, 500g


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