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A Yuuki cup is a modern women’s sanitary aid to guarantee perfect comfort during your period. The name Yuuki comes from Japanese YUU meaning ‘gentleness’,  ‘of higher merit’ and combined with KI meaning ‘radiance’, ‘hope’ or ‘Life.  Encouraging us to be kinder to ourselves and to nature!

Yuuki Menstrual Cups are premium Czech products that adhere to the highest medical requirements. Made of medical-grade silicon, with all production and inspection processes in complete accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. They contain no dyes and phthalates and provide total comfort during use because of the softness. The cups have a unique raised edge inside of the cup to prevent spillage during removal.

Who will enjoy a Yuuki CLASSIC or SOFT Menstrual Cup?

Women with medium- heavy flow, who have strong core and pelvic muscles will really enjoy the Yuuki. It provides absolute comfort of use and is suitable for sports and activities of all kinds. It is a bit firmer than the ‘Iris Cup’ available for purchase here.

The Classic cup is made from harder silicon (shore 60) and is suitable mainly for sporty women with a stronger pelvic floor. The Soft cup has a shore of 40. It is less stiff than the Classic. The Yuuki Rainbow is softer than both. Have a look at the Rainbow cup here.

Choose from two sizes – large and small. The small size (also known as size 1) is for young girls and women who have not yet given birth. The large (also known as size 2) is for those who have given birth, are over 28 and engage in regular intercourse. The small Lunette Cup is also great for teenagers and women who exercise a lot will also benefit from a Lunette Cup. We suggest reading reviews online to help you make your decision.

Yuuki CLASSIC or SOFT Menstrual Cup sizing


Need more information?

Have a look at this blog post to help you decide which one will be best for you and how the Classic and Soft are different.

Package contents

One Classic or Soft menstrual cup
Disinfecting Infuser box
Packaging with instructions

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