Merula Menstrual Cup – Ice



The Merula Cup is made out of 100% medical-grade silicone and produced in Germany without chemical additives like plasticizers and free of animal-based ingredients. The menstrual cup can be worn in a folded up state – only the edge needs to be open.

The slight vacuum means the cup can be worn whatever the condition of the pelvic floor muscles.  It has an adaptable, three-rung stem that can be shortened to ensure an individual, optimally comfortable length.

The Merula Cup Ice does not have any colorants and is made of pure medical-grade silicone.  The slightly velvety surface, which is what makes all Merula Cups very easy to insert, gives this cup its unusual ice effect: Although it looks quite milky here, it turns as clear as glass when wet.  The Merula Cup “Ice” has a matching ice-blue cotton pouch covered with delicate white lace.  A white ribbon is used to close the pouch and hang it up to store the cup in a safe and airy spot between your periods.

Some ladies become a period ninja in no time, for others there might be a learning curve when it comes to the first few cycles. Not to worry, once you get the hang of it, you’ll never turn back and you’ll advocate to all your friends how it’s the best thing ever and they should get their own cup asap! See tips for first time menstrual cup insertion here and if you have any other questions take a look here.

Diameter of the rim (outside): 40mm
Diameter of the belly (outside): 46mm
Total length from 1st stroke: 72mm
Total length from 2nd stroke: 61mm
Total length from 3rd stroke: 50mm
Total length just cup: 39mm
Capacity to the top edge: 38ml


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