Iriscup Menstrual Cup

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The most healthy, economic and ecological alternative to tampons and pads.

The Iriscup is made from 100% platinum silicone; the highest grade of medical silicone. A soft cup which is very safe to use.This cup is designed and manufactured in Spain and has FDA approval and fits the EU standards. Lasts up to 10 years.

The small capacity is 15ml and the large is 20ml.

Who can benefit from it?
Women with sensitivity such as bladder/yeast infection
Women who don’t do lots of physical activities such as exercise
Light to medium flow

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1 review for Iriscup Menstrual Cup

  1. kristlee

    A menstrual cup is honestly the way to go!
    I’m saving the earth and money buy investing in one of these.
    It has changed how I feel about my menstrual cycle completely. It is comfortable and you honestly feel at ease and confident, no spillage and you can go hours before having to empty and rinse. Really recommend every woman gets one of these

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