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Enjoy cashew nuts on their own or blend them to make your own cashew nut butter. They are great for adding to sauces and soups for a creamy flavour, and because they are so creamy, cashew nuts are also perfect for making dairy-free ice cream, milk and cheese. Learn how to make vegan cashew ice cream here.

Cashews make the perfect vegan base sauce recipe for pastas. We love adding some of our nutritional yeast with some cashews, crushed garlic, lemon, salt and pepper to a blender jug to make a rich and creamy vegan cashew cheese sauce. You’ll also love this amazing five minute cashew sauce recipe. It uses only cashew nuts, garlic, salt, and water. Blend up and eat on everything!

If you love cashews, be sure to also have a look-see at this delicious Cashew Nut Satay Cook-in Sauce made with love by INDIKAAP.

What are the health benefits of cashew nuts?

Cashews are protein-packed and have high levels of copper and iron. They contain important nutrients for energy production, brain health and bone health. Cashews are low in sugar and rich in fiber. If eaten in moderation cashew nuts are good for weight loss too. They contain heart-healthy fats and vitamins like potassium and vitamin B6. Other health benefits of cashew nuts include lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as supporting the immune system.


Completely raw cashews contain a substance called urushiol,  which is also found in poison ivy. We recommend roasting cashews. Learn how to make roasted cashews here. They’re super easy to make!

Need cashew nuts for corporate gifting?

We pack our nuts by hand into brown paper bags that with our standard Shop Zero™ sticker on them. Our service can be tailored to your specific requirements. If you would like personalised labels, or would like to chat to us about our corporation gifting solutions, our team is just a click away! Please contact us here.

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Our whole cashew nuts are currently out of stock. We have cashew halves available for purchase here.

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