White Spirit Vinegar



White spirit vinegar is well-known for being a useful household cleanser and in recipes, but vinegar also contains nutrients, and has been used for treating ailments and skin conditions for centuries. Vinegar is basically “sour wine” and white vinegar, made from grain, has a sharp distinctive taste. Common white vinegar has a five percent acidity, which is why it is an effective cleanser and home remedy. Use one of our amber glass bottles with atomiser spray cap and make your own zero waste citrus vinegar all-purpose cleaner. We also have raw organic apple cider vinegar, which is also great for cleaning your home, available for purchase here.

This vinegar is naturally fermented. Choose between a 375ml glass bottle or a 750ml or 1L glass jar.

Please note: Customers in our ‘Local’ Cape Town areas have the option to order this white spirit vinegar in a reusable and returnable glass bottle. If you choose not to use the container deposit system or live in other areas besides Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl, kindly select the variant with the non-returnable and non-refundable jar or bottle included in the price of the item. Read more about our container deposit system here.


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1L in glass jar, 375ml in glass bottle, 750ml in glass jar, 1L (excl. deposit), 1L (incl. deposit), 500ml (excl. deposit), 500ml (incl. deposit)


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