Organic Coconut Cream 200ml


Kapruka’s organic coconut cream is a full-flavored 100% natural delight with no additives or preservatives. Beautifully creamy, super filling and loaded with iron, it’s perfect for enhancing curries, desserts, bakes, and smoothies.

Kapruka’s organic coconut cream and milk is not only is it free from any additives or preservatives, but also free from animal cruelty. This product is sourced from Sri Lanka, not Thailand, where forced monkey labour is common. Shocking investigations have revealed terrified young monkeys kept chained, abusively trained and forced to climb trees to pick coconuts used to make canned coconut milk.

Kapruka takes pride in working directly with farmers, knowing them personally and even visiting their farms. This close relationship guarantees the highest quality and supports sustainable practices, with absolutely no involvement of forced monkey labour.


Extracted coconut cream (64%), water, stabiliser

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