Tongue Cleaner (Stainless Steel or Copper)



If you have ever used a tongue cleaner, you’ll know there’s no going back.  Also known as a tongue scraper, using it is a key Ayurvedic practice to great oral health.  Modern research confirms that by cleaning your tongue daily, it is the best way to remove bacteria that causes bad breath.  Now who wouldn’t want that?  Recommended by dentists and oral hygienists, a tongue cleaner is a super-effective oral benefit for a small price.

While sleeping, the body undergoes detoxification. Including tongue scraping in your daily routine is a great way to remove overnight build up of bacteria and toxins on the surface of the tongue. It slows plaque growth and tongue scraping also eliminates nasty morning breath. Using your tongue cleaner also stimulates the taste buds leading to improved taste. The pre-curved shape gives you precise control so you can gently cleanse your tongue.

Key features

Removes bacterial build-up and dead cells from the tongue’s surface.
Improves taste.
Slows down plaque growth.
Helps combat bad breath.
Assits with detox.
Easy to use.
Made from 100% stainless steel.

How to use

Use the tongue cleaner before brushing your teeth, on an empty stomach.
Stand in front of a mirror and stick out your tongue as far as possible.
Grip the tongue cleaner with both hands on the two straight ends.
Put the curved part near the back of the tongue, ensuring that you don’t place it too far back on your tongue.
Slide gently forward towards the tip of your tongue to remove your top debris coating.
Rinse device and repeat up to fourteen times if necessary.
Proceed to brush your teeth – take a look at our sustainable options for eco-friendly tooth brushing here.


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