Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrush – Adult or Kids

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The most beautiful sustainable bamboo toothbrush for your Scandi inspired, zero waste home. This minimal toothbrush will not only help divert plastic toothbrushes from landfill, but also looks good and works well. In an age where there is almost more plastic in the sea than fish, getting a bamboo toothbrush is a no-brainer. You will love being an EARTH WARRIOR® and making the switch from plastic to bamboo. You’ll also love how aesthetic these brushes are and how your teeth will feel just a squeaky clean. Feel awesome that you’re saving the planet one toothbrush at a time.

End of lifespan

Please remove the nylon bristles and compost your bamboo handle in your compost heap or bury it in your garden. If you’d like to reuse it, it works wonderfully as a garden marker. Bristles made of horse or pig hair often come from factory farms which contribute to climate change and animal abuse. We therefore support bamboo toothbrushes with nylon bristles instead. Although not 100% plastic-free, we believe it uses a lot less plastic than a regular toothbrush. Take a look at these tips on removing bristles with pliers. Please stuff the bristles into your eco-brick. Read more about eco-bricks and drop-off points here.


Comes in a recyclable cardboard tube which is really handy for travel. If you’d like a more permanent travel case, take a look at our bamboo option. We also have other cute kiddie brushes available for purchase here as well as more adult bamboo toothbrushes with coloured bristles available here and here.

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1 review for Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrush – Adult or Kids

  1. Leah

    No bristles falling out while I’m brushing. Although it didn’t last as long as I expected I have to remind myself that it’s part of switching from plastic. Ergonomically, this handle is the best I’ve used.

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