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Carrots are highly nutritious and great for vision, skin and human health. Some people find growing carrots difficult, because germination can be tricky, but this video offers great advice and inspiration. There are many ways of enjoying trouble-free roots and we recommend taking a look at these tips too.

Carrots don’t just come in orange! Add a dazzling rainbow of tones to your salad and please the eye as much as the tummy. Rainbow carrots are great fun to grow and different colourful carrots like yellow, white, orange, purple and red each have their individual specific set of antioxidants. We also have some crazy colourful carrot seeds from My Eco Sprout to get the kids growing! Different colours of carrot originate from different parts of the world. See some more fun facts about carrots here.

When to plant

Sow your carrot seeds in moderate climates all year, in other areas avoid planting in mid-summer and mid-winter. Carrots grow well with onions, cabbages, peas and salads, but parsley, celery and fennel are bad companions for carrot seeds.


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Nantes Heirloom Carrots, Rainbow Carrots


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