Winter Warming Food & Yoga Unwind 16 Aug 2019


Cost: R350
Date: Fri 16 Aug 2019
Time: 6:15 for 6:30pm until 9pm

Winter warming unwinding…

A relaxing evening of intuitive movement and nourishing food – find warmth and flow from within: feel the healing power of fire tonic, turmeric latte,  plant-based soup and somatic fascial release through movement.

Come feel nurtured and melt away the tension with calming bodysensing intuitive movement, delicious healing elixirs and yummy soul soothing soups.

6:15pm welcome drink and quieten down, for 6:30pm start to 9pm.

We will share a safe space that allows you to really be yourself and experience the joy of self care.  Learn how gentle therapeutic movement can be used to restore the gut-brain connection towards harmony.  After moving like you’re in meditation, you’ll be ready to receive the benefits of wholesome food and enjoy an unexpected connection with others.  Everything will be designed to take care of you – the food, drinks, the ambiance and the people will be oriented to heal and restore you.

The Food: Dairy- and grain-free menu designed for gut health.
The Movement: BodySensing Somatic Fascial Unwinding:

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