The Drip Hydrating Mist by Lelive



The Drip is the ultimate mist that protects using antioxidants, smoothes the skin texture, boosts hydration and sets your makeup.

One of its hero ingredients, deep sea biotics, found in sustainably-sourced algae off the coast of Reunion Island, stimulates the synthesis of proteins involved in mitochondrial respiration (breathing), which can help to recharge the skin’s energy by breaking the skin ageing-feedback loop. Cucumber and rose water gently soothes and hydrates, calming inflammation and breakouts. A unique synergy of African malachite and niacinamide bolster the skin with anti-oxidant protection and anti-inflammation.

Why you’ll love The Drip Hydrating Mist

  • Anti-oxidant protection, anti-inflammation and anti-ageing
  • Hydrating and setting the skin
  • Can be used day and night
  • Also works for sensitive skin

How to use

Pop off the top. Close your eyes and spray 30 cms away from your skin. Use before or after your moisturiser or makeup, or as desired throughout the day.⁣ Feels like summer!

Tip: can be used to help set makeup.


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