Reusable Cotton Tea Bag



Most commercially sold teabags still contain polypropylene, a sealant used industry wide to enable teabags to hold their shape.  Not only is this toxic for the body, but damaging for the environment.

Minimise the load on our beautiful planet and use tea infusers.  There is nothing more comforting than brewing your own pot of tea, but during busy days we sometimes need more convenience in our lives.  Say ‘hello’ to these handy reusable tea bags.  For unique flavours and well-being we recommend using loose leaf teas which can be brewed to perfection whilst using a reusable tea bag.  You can even create your own blends, so let your creative juices flow.

These drawstring tea bags are handmade by a group of women and 100% cotton.  They are healthier than normal filter paper tea bags which often contain plastic.  Just put some loose leaf tea or herbs of your choice inside them, draw the strings, and your favourite tea bag blend is ready.

R16 each


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