Güdsheet Forest Friendly Toilet Paper 1-ply

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From an environmental perspective, recycled toilet paper should be the obvious way to go.  However, recycled toilet paper generally contains BPA, which is widely used in the paper made for the thermal printers that produce sales receipts (which are then recycled and turned into toilet paper).  The ink in newspaper (which is often recycled) is another source of BPA which can be found in recycled tissue after de-inking and cleaning recycled paper.

BPA is linked to cancer and early puberty.  We don’t know what the actual health implications are of rubbing toilet paper with traces of BPA on our nether parts.  But it seems reasonable to avoid this exposure.

Fortunately, Güdsheet Toilet Paper is made from sugarcane and 100% BPA free and also free of chlorine, acids, inks, dyes, scents or weird perfumes.  So worry not – this sewer and septic tank safe TP is as good for your bum as it is for the environment! Give a sheet and help preserve our natural resources.

R8 per single roll and for every 48 rolls sold, 2 rolls get donated to the GüdFoundation – to give back to those in need. Güdsheet products provide an easy and convenient way for the consumer to help, whilst purchasing a commodity they need.

Güdsheet 1-Ply TP has 500 sheets per roll and consists of a single layer of paper, while their 2-Ply has two layers which makes it twice as absorbent. Both are made from a mix of 60% sugarcane fibre and 40% FSC approved wood pulp to produce a much stronger and softer tissue that’s good for you and the environment.

The other big difference is that Güdsheet 2-Ply helps to build toilets for underprivileged schools & crèches, while the 1-Ply provides toilet paper to those in need. So, it doesn’t really matter if you prefer 1 or 2 ply TP, through your purchases you are contributing to a great cause. Thank you for doing good!


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1 review for Güdsheet Forest Friendly Toilet Paper 1-ply

  1. Amy Cunliffe

    Toilet paper that gives a sheet. This stuff is fantastic. Soft, gentle, plastic free, chemical free, and does an all round good job. Also provides help to communities in need! I like knowing that my day-to-day bodily functions give back to the world in some way. The switch from my previously usual Baby Soft was so easy and I will not be going back if I can possibly help it.

    • Shop Zero

      Thank you for your review, Amy. Such a great feeling knowing you do good by buying it. ? Thank you for supporting this company working towards a good cause in South Africa!

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