Reusable Bamboo Face Rounds

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These reusable bamboo face rounds are the perfect replacement for disposable cotton balls and rounds as well as disposable makeup remover wipes which are wasteful, expensive, unnecessary, and often contain toxic chemicals. Soft, durable and oh so sustainable!

Reusable bamboo face rounds are great for removing makeup or for application of toners. They will also help you to save so much money by reusing and not throwing anything away! Try removing your makeup with this amazing skin oil. We know you’ll love it! We also have reusable hemp face rounds available for purchase here and another type of washable bamboo makeup remover pads available for purchase here.

Benefits of bamboo

-Bamboo is hypo-allergenic and very soft, which makes these reusable bamboo face rounds great for sensitive skin.
-Naturally antimicrobial
-Bamboo requires less energy, water and space to grow than cotton.

Each bamboo round is R15 each and approximately 5cm in diameter. They have a handy little loop so you can string them together to pop them in the washing machine… and make sure they don’t go missing! Colours may vary from picture shown.

Care instructions

If your reusable bamboo face rounds get stained, it can be rubbed off with one of our natural laundry stain sticks. Prolong the life of the fabric, by washing your facial rounds by hand or popping it into a mesh bag, in a gentle washing machine cycle. This way they also won’t mysteriously disappear in your washing machine. Looking for an all-natural detergent? Buy our laundry powder here and grab some natural oxygen bleach for laundry and household cleaning here.



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1 review for Reusable Bamboo Face Rounds

  1. Maryse

    Works well to cleanse and remove make up. Soft on your skin, easy to clean and a great alternative to cotton rounds!

    • Shop Zero

      Thank you for your feedback. We are thrilled to hear that Maryse. We agree, such a great product!

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