Redecker Wooden Toilet Brush


This 100% plastic-free, hard bristle wooden toilet brush is made from untreated beechwood and natural tampico fibre. Beyond its intended use, this versatile brush doubles as a milk bottle brush and excels in cleaning thermal coffee pots, glasses and specialty beer glasses.

The notion of an alternative to the conventional plastic toilet brush and its accompanying holder may not have crossed many minds. However, an innovative solution does exist. Rather than opting for a plastic, less durable set, consider the idea of procuring the two components independently. Start with our eco-friendly wooden toilet brush and then explore your options, whether within your home or at a home goods store, for an affordable pitcher, bucket, flowerpot, or tall, slender container. Combining these two elements results in a combination that boasts greater charm and durability than any plastic set available at a large retail store.

When searching for a sustainable cup holder for your wooden toilet brushes, you can also consider these eco-friendly alternatives:

1. Bamboo Cup Holder:
– Bamboo is a sustainable and fast-growing material. You can find cup holders made from bamboo that complement the wooden brushes.

2. Recycled Plastic or Metal Cup Holder:
– Look for cup holders made from recycled materials. Recycled plastic or metal options can be a good choice, as they help reduce the demand for new raw materials.

3. Cork Cup Holder:
– Cork is a renewable and biodegradable material. Cup holders made from cork can add a natural and eco-friendly touch to your bathroom.

4. Stone or Ceramic Cup Holder:
– Stone or ceramic cup holders are durable and can add a stylish and natural aesthetic. Look for options made from sustainably sourced or recycled materials.

5. DIY Options:
– Consider making your own cup holder using recycled materials or repurposing items you already have. This way, you can customize it to match your bathroom decor.

7. Upcycled Materials:
– Explore cup holders made from upcycled or repurposed materials. It could be anything from reclaimed wood to old metal or plastic items transformed into a functional cup holder.

8. Glass Cup Holder:
– Glass is a recyclable material, and you can find cup holders made from recycled glass. It’s a sleek and eco-friendly option for holding your sustainable wooden toilet brush.

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