Kapthura Organic Coconut Milk 17% Fat 400ml



The benefits of coconut milk should not be underestimated. Beneath the hard brown shell, the humble coconut is packed with macronutrients, natural fats, and minerals. The fact that it tastes incredible doesn’t hurt either.

Kapthura is the brand bringing us beautiful Sri Lankan coconut products straight from the tree to your table. Kapthura, within the local tongue of Sri Lanka, means “Divine tree” or “Tree of the heavens”. The coconut tree is honoured as a blessing from mother nature. Every single part of the plant can be used to make everything from milk to musical instruments, to coconut cutlery and coconut bowls. We also have beautiful coconut bowls with coconut stands crafted from coconut shells that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

This coconut milk is certified with USDA-NOP, JAS, EU and Korean Organic by the Control Union, The Netherlands.


100% Organic coconut kernel extract, water, stabilizer



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