Natural Fiber Dish Brush Replacement Head




You will love the kitchen simplicity on a zero waste journey. Reuse and extend the life of your Redecker Natural Fiber Dish Brush with this handy replacement head sold here. They’re both compostable at the end of their lifespan.  A plastic dish brush’s nylon bristles go down the drain, left floating in the oceans. Not the case with this wooden, all round washing up tool! Use again and again.

Works wonderfully as a vegetable scrubber and cleans tough messes on plates, pots and pans, effectively without scratching. Create your waste free kitchen counter today with a natural fiber dish brush. Simplicity feels good!

Materials and Care Instructions

Made from untreated beechwood and natural tampico fibre bristles. Allow the brush to dry completely in between uses. To change the head, simply slide the replacement head onto the brush handle and you will feel it clip/lock into place.



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