GWIZZ Multi-Use Cleaner (only available in store)

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R30 per litre

GWIZZ is a biological activating enzyme formulation containing a proprietary coalescence of Bacillus Spores, Citrus Oil, Etho-Propoxylated Fatty Alcohol, Primary Alcohol Ethoxylate, and Aqua. This specialized coalescence of active bacterial spores produces high levels of key extracellular enzymes, including amylase, cellulose, lipase and protease. The highly effective resulting enzymes degrade and eliminate all ingrained dirt, proteins, starches, fats, oils, grease and faeces.

With a neutral PH value of 7, GWIZZ has been specifically formulated to replace aggressive, corrosive and toxic cleaners that can harm the environment and add to the worlds current carbon footprint negatively.

GWIZZ takes advantage of activating enzymes; by replacing traditional detergents with GWIZZ , you will replace the toxicity in your life by removing the need for many of the conventional chemicals currently in use. Our specially formulated recipe not only cleans all surfaces effectively, but introduces millions of friendly bacteria into the various drain lines.

GWIZZ MULTI-USE is an incredible all in one liquid bio-enzymatic product with a proprietary and powerful blend of 12 different fragrances for a sophisticated and long-lasting smell. GREENMAN MULTI-USE cleans instantly with no contact times required. Our super high foaming technology is increased even further with a foam trigger system, ensuring that even less water is needed.



1 review for GWIZZ Multi-Use Cleaner (only available in store)

  1. Mia McCarthy

    A wonderful cleaning agent that sells for a fraction of major retail prices. Cleans everything effectively, and leaves a neutral smell – I used to use vinegar to clean my kitchen and bathroom, but I found that even essential oils didn’t help with the sour smell. GWizz is just as affordable, and works wonderfully.

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