Gluten Free Sourdough Culture



Make your own gluten free bread, cakes, cookies and pizza with this authentic wild yeast starter culture. Made from organic brown rice flour and filtered water, this highly succesful dried wild yeast will give you an infinite amount of sourdough bread, pancakes, crackers and more.

There is 7 grams of starter in the packet, enough for two batches. Full instructions are included on how to rehydrate it and look after it. Provided you follow instructions and feed it, you will have it forever and can share it with your friends.  We’ve heard of starters that have been going for over 150 years!

It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and you use it instead of yeast to leaven (make air bubbles) in your baked goods.  Store bought (dry active) yeast is a singular strain, manufactured to save time and increase productivity, but has lost all beneficial qualities.



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