Crunchy Roasted Chickpea Chyps – Salt & Vinegar



Say hello to the first variant of the The Cheaky Co‘s savoury range: Salt & Vinegar CHYPS. A mouth wateringly satisfying chyp snack, made from roasted chickpeas. Snacking just got better with The Chickpea Experts’ new incredible product!

This sexy, savoury snack is incredible for summer as it pairs incredibly well with an icy cold beverage to quench your thirst on any day. This moreish chickpea snack is suitable for strict-vegans, and is free from gluten, soy, milk and preservatives. Enjoy Chyps guilt free.

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Using a larger, creamier, fleshier chickpea varietal and a specifically created roasting profile, this savoury snack has a crispy crunchy texture that’s reminiscent of the traditional potato chip or corn nib, except the Cheaky Co. is using high-fibre chickpeas and a combination of carefully blended seasoning and spices. The Kabuli chickpea varietal gives these Chyps a soft and satisfying biscuit like crunch, right down to the last Chyp. Every crunchy snack lover will definitely love this snack of choice and all #Orbsessed fans will definitely freak when they taste these cheaky Chyps!

Keep your Chyps in an airtight container, in a cool dry place. Store away from sources of heat, direct sunlight and moisture. Do not refrigerate.

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