Coconut Bowl with Coconut Stand



Coconut bowls can make your smoothie bowls look so Instagrammable, but they actually have such a great impact on our planet as they help divert millions of discarded coconut shells from landfills. Win-win! How cool that we can do something good for the planet by posting these pics and raising awareness?!

They also provide work and create livelihood for artisans all over the world. These bowls come from Mozambique and are made with love and pride. The fiber has been removed and they’ve been sanded, but they have not been polished with coconut oil. If you’d like your coconut bowl to be shiny, apply coconut oil or flaxseed oil with a cloth and polish at least three times. Flaxseed oil is also amazing for getting omega-3 fatty acids so be sure to add it to your smoothie bowl.

Use them for your morning oatmeal, fruits and veg and snacks you nibble on throughout the day. You might find that your healing plants and salads taste even better when you’re mindfully eating from this little gift from nature.

We also have an option available without the stand. Purchase it here. Be sure to also take a look at our coconut cutlery set as well as this beautiful plastic-free travel set.

Care instructions

Wash with warm, soapy water. Do not soak for long periods of time. Dry them properly in a well-drained area. Since it’s a real coconut shell, they do not like the microwave, oven, refrigerator or dishwasher. Do not leave your coconut bowl in the sun and do not serve piping hot food in your bowl.

After every 10 to 15 uses you will have to hydrate them with coconut oil again, if you’d like them to stay nice and shiny. Give your bowls some love. Their lifespan depends on the attention they get.

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