Certified Organic Bulb Fennel Seeds



This kind of fennel produces fleshy, aromatic bulbs with a milder taste than the herb variety. Great to add flavour to vegetable dishes and delicious in salads. Fennel can also be used to repel snails.

Sandveld Organics is an organic farm in Lambert’s Bay on the West Coast of South Africa. They’re a supplier of certified organic, open pollinated seeds. This means that you can save your own seeds to grow more plants with most of the qualities of the parent plant.

The Sandveld Organics founders, Theunis and Susi Engelbrecht, are pioneers in organic agriculture on the West Coast. Sharing their knowledge and experience, they started assisting a group of less privileged women from the fishing community in Lamberts Bay, struggling with their vegetable garden. Together with the support of several State Departments, this initiative has developed into a structures support programme to help emerging farmers.

You can enjoy growing your own food, eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and improve your physical and mental health at the same time by planting your Sandveld Organics seeds.

When to plant

Grow your own fennel from seed by planting February to July. You can grow anything beside fennel except for carrots. Full instructions on back of packaging.

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