7SEASROPE™ Microplastics Key Clip



Today is your chance to say you stand with the ocean and will guard it from now on.

7SEASROPE™ reuses the microplastics and old netting rope collected during their beach clean-up projects to make this unique hand-crafted microplastics key clip, repurposed rope bracelets and microplastics earrings.

When you’re out and about, your 7SEASROPE™ key clip represents how you care about our oceans. Help inspire others to also reduce their plastic use and help raise awareness to save the lives of thousands of animals who count on us to keep our oceans plastic free.

Made exclusively with plant based eco-friendly resins and materials, where no two key clips are alike.

Proceeds from each hand-crafted 7SEASROPE™ piece sold helps fund future beach clean projects. They are also involved in providing education, research, and support initiatives to combat the problem caused by plastics that are polluting our oceans and beaches.

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