Earth Matters Christmas Crackers


Earth Matters Christmas Crackers are the way forward to an eco-friendly festive season.  We all love a cracker at the Christmas table but not the non-recyclable waste that accompanies it.  These eco-friendly Christmas crackers are the perfect way to add joy and bond with family and friends. Not only are they beautifully designed, but they actually help the environment.

If you are looking for the perfect eco-friendly gift for the festive season or for your own festive celebrations, look no further.  These eco-friendly Christmas crackers will make sure your decorations truly ‘pop’ out and will be a talking point at the dinner table for sure.  Choose from four different designs:  Olive & Copper, Black or White, Gabi Boy’s illustrations (x2 Christmas tree patterns, x2 leaves patterns and x2 gifts patterns) or Orange and Green Circles and Stars.

Gabi Boy is a self-taught illustrator and qualified high school Life Sciences teacher. After teaching, Gabi and a friend started Pickalilly Kids, a children’s clothing company, where she had the privilege of working in clothing manufacturing, textile design, screen printing and graphic design for 8 years. More recently, Gabi started Hello Jack, a graphic design and illustration business.

About the company who makes them

Growing Paper consists of a group of female entrepreneurs sowing the seeds of sustainable empowerment. They are a proudly South African company who make 100% hand-made, recycled, plantable and biodegradable paper products. These grow into useful living herbs, vegetables or flowers when planted. The management team is supported by a hardworking team of permanently employed men and women from the local community.

Key features

Made from 100% recycled paper.
Contains confetti and mini cards made from recycled seeded paper
Biodegradable plastic window (Please ensure to add to your compost and not recycling.)

The Earth Matters Christmas Crackers kit* contains:

6 x Christmas cracker cutouts. They are ready and easy to assemble and made from 100% recycled paper.
6 x Growing Paper mini cards. They are made from 100% recycled seeded paper that will grow into something beautiful when planted.
6 x cracker snaps
12 x pieces of eco-twine (2 per cracker)
60 x Christmas tree-shaped pieces of confetti (10 per cracker). These are made from 100% recycled seeded paper. Plant them and watch them grow into something beautiful.

*Please note the lead times on this product are slightly longer than usual.  This product is very popular and we have had an influx of orders this time of year.  Order yours as soon as possible to ensure you have them in time for your celebrations.

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You will need:

Your family
The Earth Matters Christmas Crackers Kit
A few pens or pencils
Something special like a small toy or sweetie you’d like to put in your cracker
Lots of creativity and enthusiasm!

Now let’s get cracking! Follow the instructions on the packaging and add some of your funniest jokes or a fun eco challenge on your Growing Paper mini card. Here’s our favourite Christmas joke… What did Santa say to Mrs. Claus when he saw the dark clouds outside the window? It looks like it’s going to rain, dear…

And our best Festive challenge… Pick up ten pieces of litter this week.

Follow the rest of the steps and enjoy your DIY eco Christmas Cracker!


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Additional information


Black & White, Blue Yellow & Red, Gabi Boy Designs, Olive & Copper, Orange and Green Circles and Stars


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