Solgar Vitamin B12 1000 µg Sublingual Nuggets – Pack of 100



Solgar® Vitamin B12 Sublingual – Chewable 1000 µg Nuggets contain a 1000 μg of the cyanocobalamin form of Vitamin B12. It plays a number of different roles in the body such as reducing tiredness, assisting in the release of energy from foods and supporting your vitality.

Presented as sublingual nuggets (that melt under the tongue), this product is a convenient, easy to take version of this versatile nutrient, particularly important for those with a restrictive diet (such as vegan). Beyond energy Vitamin B12 has several health benefits supporting general vitality and wellbeing.

Solgar® Vitamin B12 delivers 1000 μg in just one nugget daily, promoting the health of the nervous system and healthy blood cell formation, and support energy metabolism. Vitamin B12 is necessary to maintain energy and general vitality and has numerous health benefits. Solgar’s Nuggets are taken sublingually (dissolved under the tongue), which means the B12 bypasses the stomach and is absorbed directly into the blood.

Vitamin B12 supports energy metabolism and contributes to:
• Energy-yielding metabolism
• Normal functioning of the nervous system
• Normal homocysteine metabolism
• Normal psychological function
• Normal red blood cell formation
• Normal function of the immune system
• The process of cell division

All Solgar® products meet their industry recognized “Gold Standard” for excellence. Made using naturally sourced ingredients and innovating since 1947, Solgar® is your perfect supplement to good health – 98% of Solgar® consumers recommend the brand.* We also sell their Gentle Iron capsules here and their Calcium Magnesium Plus Zinc is available for purchase here.



Bulking Agents: (mannitol, maltodextrin, gum arabic), Anti-caking Agents: (vegetable stearic acid, vegetable magnesium stearate), Cross Linked Cellulose Gum, Flavour: Natural Cherry, Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin)

Gluten Free
Dairy Free


Comes in a reusable glass bottle with aluminium lid. Please reuse or repurpose your bottle. They make great seed starters, terrariums, candle holders and more. Please note that this pharmaceutical product is wrapped with a plastic sleeve and has to be kept in its original packaging. Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to remove this plastic and dispose of it responsibly before sending it off to our customers. Please recycle the plastic seal.



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