Pura Sipper Spouts (2-pack)


Pura’s design and development team took up the challenge of creating the best non-plastic sip spout on the market. In accordance with the desires of leading paediatricians, their new XL Sipper was designed to be stiff and free flowing to support the natural development of teeth and gums in toddlers. Noting that most silicone spouts were fragile, they also reinforced the tip of the spout to better withstand the teething instincts of growing toddlers.

One life… one bottle. As your baby grows, the bottle evolves. This top easily interchanges with all other Pura tops by simply swapping the Pura XL-Sipper Spouts™ with another Pura silicone lid; extending the usable life of Pura’s Kiki® bottles to older kids!

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