Oi La La Brighten and Glow Body Oil by Lelive


This stunning Body Oil by Lelive is a skincare masterpiece designed to elevate your routine. Oil La La takes a step further, blending highly effective actives like vitamin C and bakuchiol with luxurious oils for a silky, hydrated glow.

Product highlights

  •  Vitamin C and living stones brighten dark spots, even tone.
  •  Bakuchiol clarifies and firms for radiant skin.
  •  Moringa and avocado provide hydration and glow.

Ideal for

  •  Multi-benefit focused body oil with potent actives.
  •  Lightweight hydration, easily absorbed.
  •  Vitamin C and bakuchiol for a brighter, clearer, glowing finish.
  •  High-quality, antioxidant-rich oils improve elasticity and firmness.
  •  Suitable for all skin types.

How to use

Apply onto cleansed skin, gently pat and massage in circular motions for maximum absorption, hydration, and glow. Tip: Use daily and follow up with Lelive’s body cream to lock in moisture for super soft, radiant skin.

Pregnancy-safe bumpcare routine

Embrace the beauty of motherhood at every stage with Lelive’s high-performance body range and the power of African botanics and scientific actives. These products are more than just body care; they are a testament to the love and care we pour into our precious bodies during pregnancy and motherhood.

Massage Lelive’s African Butter and Oil La La in and apply across your entire belly and sides. Don’t forget to give the ladies at the top – they need some extra TLC as they start growing at the speed of light! A good hydration routine can help nourish and comfort your skin as it stretches, and the combination of these two products gives you the peace of mind that your beautiful body gets the pregnancy-safe love that it needs.

These high-performance body hydration duos have pre/postnatal benefits and are perfect for:

  • Soothing growing bellies
  • Reducing stretch marks and hyperpigmentation
  • Relieving itchy skin

Lelive’s commitment

Vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-conscious, this Body Oil by Lelive comes in a 100ml aluminium bottle, ensuring a luxurious experience for your skin. Lelive’s commitment extends to the planet with environmentally conscious packaging—reducing plastic and promoting sustainability. Indulge responsibly in the silky glow of this beautiful Body Oil by Lelive.

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