Kruger Ecoffee Cup 400ml


Unleash exotic elegance in your daily routine with the Kruger Ecoffee Cup. Adorned in the captivating Kruger design by Emma J Shipley, this large, eye-catching cup showcases a tapestry of fantastical creatures, including majestic giraffes, mythical zebra unicorns, vibrant birds, and graceful butterflies. Each sip becomes an escape to a world teeming with wonder and imagination.

Crafted with a commitment to the environment, the Kruger Ecoffee Cup is made from all-natural fibres, ensuring a truly eco-friendly choice. Embrace a greener lifestyle and bid farewell to single-use cups forever.

Featuring a resealable ‘no-drip’ lid, this cup is the ideal companion for your on-the-go adventures. Take it with you wherever you wander, whether it’s to the office, the gym, or your favourite outdoor spot. With its lightweight design, the Kruger Ecoffee Cup effortlessly combines convenience and style.

Not only does this cup exude beauty, but it also upholds practicality. It is naturally sterile, preserving the integrity of your beverage without any flavour tint. The reusable nature of the cup enables you to make a positive impact on the environment, reducing daily consumer waste one sip at a time.

Cleaning is a breeze as the Kruger Ecoffee Cup is fully dishwasher safe, allowing for hassle-free maintenance. Additionally, its microwave suitability offers versatility and convenience, accommodating your preferred temperature preferences.

Add a touch of magic to your daily life by choosing to reuse with Ecoffee Cup. Embrace sustainability while indulging in the extraordinary. With its remarkable design and planet-friendly construction, this fantastical accessory promises to transform your drinking experience and inspire others to follow suit.

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