Eco-Friendly Recycled Newspaper Pencils


Say hello to MOMO’s eco-friendly recycled newspaper pencils and goodbye to the environmental hazards posed by traditional plastic pens! Why? Because more than 1.6 billion pens end up in landfills annually in the United States alone, contributing to the release of toxic chemicals and microplastics.

Pens may be recyclable, but in practice, the complexities of their composition and the lack of infrastructure make it difficult to incorporate them into recycling programs effectively. Become the environmental champion within your circle and make a lasting impact using a wood-free pencil (HB) made from recycled Kenyan newspapers that would have otherwise been discarded or, ideally, recycled. By repurposing these materials, we not only minimise waste but also contribute to the conservation of our precious forests.

“Everyone’s first experience of writing with a pencil comes early on in life. The pencil is the birthplace of creativity. In the hands of someone with potential and an unquenchable desire to see the potential manifested into reality, a pencil is a basic but powerful and effective tool. The sad reality is that we have gradually damaged our planet through deforestation in response to our desire and demand for creative writing tools. Every year, the world uses 14 billion pencils, the bulk of which are created with wood as their principal raw material. Millions of trees are cut down as a result of this predicament to meet that need”
-MOMO CEO Mahamud Omari 

These eco-friendly recycled newspaper pencils emerge as a sustainable alternative and are the perfect solution for conscious consumers who want to make a positive impact on the environment.

Choose between a seeded paper backing card or standard craft paper backing card. Single units are also available for purchase. Be sure to also have a look-see at our plastic-free highlighter pencils here.

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Craft Paper Backing Card, Seeded Paper Backing Card, Single Pencil


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