Eco Brick Stick with Comfortable Rubber



It’s easy to get overwhelmed as to where to start and what to do to divert plastic from landfills. So why not start with something simple. Ecobricking is a great way to start to track and phase out our non-recyclables we are buying and prevent that waste from reaching landfill or worse.

This ecobrick stick is designed to make ecobricking easy and is the perfect partner for anyone wanting to get involved in reducing their footprint. The size is perfect for fitting into any bottle top and the comfortable rubber at the top, helps keep your hand happy even when on a serious eco bricking binge.

Find out more about backing your household ecobricks at one of Waste-ED’s drop off points around Cape Town and how you can support their building and construction projects.

What is an ecobrick?

It’s a plastic bottle of any size that is packed tightly with clean and dry, non-biological/non-biodegradable waste.

What happens to ecobricks?

Once complete, these bottles can then be used as building materials for modular furniture or insulation for buildings.

Ecobricking in your area

Please remember this is a temporary solution. Reusable solutions should replace problematic materials.

  1. Contact a recycler. Find out what recyclers in your area DO and DO NOT process. This is dependent on their facilities and demand.
  2. Stuff your stuff. Tightly stuff your clean and dry non-recyclable items into a plastic bottle. The size is dependent on the project.
  3. Build or donate. Always have an end plan – start your own build or contact a project in your area before beginning.
  4. Track and phase out. Identify problematic items – non-recyclables or single-use items and find reusable alternatives/beneficial community systems to replace.



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