750ml Glass Storage Jar


This versatile 750ml glass jar is the perfect solution for preserving or storing food. It has a wide opening and is great for solids and liquids. This functional jar is refrigerator and freezer safe. Just be sure to leave some space for expansion as completely filled up jars can easily break. Fill about three quarters of your jar, don’t over tighten the lid and freeze it standing up. Strategically locate your jars away for each other so they don’t touch each other. Using cardboard dividers between them or even placing them inside old socks work well too. See some more great tips here.

If you’d like to use this jar to fill up with our bulk dry goods, we suggest using this 750ml jar for 300 – 400g, our 1L glass jar for up to 500g, our 2L glass jar for 500 – 800g and our 3L jar for 800g – 1,5kg. We usually ship our dry goods in an unbleached brown paper bag made from recycled paper for our customers to decant into their own glass jars, turning their pantries into a well-organised interior dream. For those customers purchasing food items as well as glass jars,  we’ll pack the food items directly into the jars. Please leave us a note during checkout if you’d prefer us not to pack into the jars.

Remove the lid and easily wash your jar by hand or pop it in the dishwasher. Reuse this handy jar over and over again. It is also totally recyclable at the end of its lifespan.

Limit of product per purchase

Please note that courier fees are calculated based on volumetric weight. Therefore we need to limit quantities of bulky items like these jars, so you qualify for our standard delivery fees. Each customer is limited to 6 x 750ml jars per order. If you would like to purchase additional jars per order, please contact us here before placing your order and we’ll confirm the additional courier fees that will apply.

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