Zero Waste Deliveries

When you browse our online ‘Shop’, you’ll see that selected products are shown as ’bulk-Cape Town only*.’

*These products are delivered zero waste and plastic free ONLY to these areas in Cape Town: Southern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl.  (Currently we only do ‘bulk’ product deliveries on Thursdays, but as demand grows, we will add more delivery days.)

What does ‘bulk’ mean?
‘Bulk’ refers to ‘bulk products’, meaning we buy these products in bulk – the largest quantity possible, so Shop Zero customers can bring their own containers to the shop and fill up with their required amount of this product.  Some of our local suppliers even refill our storage containers for us, so even the store’s containers get reused over and over again, thus making us a truly zero waste, plastic-free store.

So how are you going to deliver these ‘bulk’ products without packaging?
We are introducing reusable containers using a deposit system.  Our containers are made of glass or tin.

Yay! No plastic and no single-use packaging. Tell me more:
When you order, you’ll see you have the option to order a Bulk Product with (incl.) or without (excl.) the deposit.  The deposit is for the reusable container that holds your product and replaces traditional single-use packaging.  So… if this is your first Bulk Product order from Shop Zero, you’ll have to pay the container deposit on each bulk product you order.

How much is the container deposit?
You pay R25 deposit on each container (tin or glass bottle) regardless of its size.  You can then swap any Shop Zero bulk container for another one on any bulk product with your next Shop Zero online order and delivery.  We unfortunately will not accept any containers besides Shop Zero Bulk Product containers.

Essentially you are renting these containers from us, so we ask that you please not use them for any other products other than the product they contained from Shop Zero and that you please look after them.  We cannot accept broken or damaged containers upon their return.

We understand that accidents happen, but if you break or damage a container, we cannot refund your deposit.  We also ask that you please return them to Shop Zero if you do not intend to order from us again.  We are entrusting them to you in good faith to grow the Zero Waste Movement and eliminate the use of disposable packaging while offering you the convenience of Bulk Product Delivery.

What about washing the containers before I return them?
You don’t need to wash your containers when you return them to us.  Shop Zero will wash and sanitise all Shop Zero Bulk product containers.

Example of how it would work:
On your first Shop Zero Bulk Product order you receive 4 bulk products – 3 in tin and 1 in a bottle.  On your second order you receive 6 products – 5 in bottles and 1 in tin.  As you ordered 6 products on order two but only have 4 Shop Zero Bulk containers, you need to pay R50 deposit for the extra 2 Bulk Products.  On your third order you receive 3 Bulk Products, so you pay no deposit, as you are returning 3 containers to our driver.  You now have 3 containers left – you can either use them towards your next order or hand them in to our brick and mortar shop for a deposit refund.

So am I paying R25 for packaging?
Absolutely not!  You are in fact only paying a refundable deposit.  If you look after our Shop Zero Bulk containers, you will always get your deposit back, so your initial deposit outlay is simply a precaution to ensure we cover the cost of our containers.

What is your cut-off time for Bulk Product orders?
Please place and pay for all Cape Town online orders that include Bulk Product items by 9am on Wednesdays to receive them the Thursday thereafter.

Remember, you can also add any other products from the Shop Zero online shop to your cart (not only bulk products), but if the order contains bulk products, you will only receive the order on the Thursday.  If the order contains no bulk products, you will receive them 3-5 days after payment is received.

Can I order bulk products if I live in other areas besides Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl?
Unfortunately not.  As these are special deliveries handled by Shop Zero and not a courier, we can only deliver to Cape Town’s Southern Suburbs, Atlantic Seaboard and City Bowl (excludes South Peninsula).