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Wazoogles products reflect a deep passion for the absolute power of superfoods to support optimal health. In a world where processed foods are the norm, they offer real food of the highest quality and purest origins. Their handcrafted organic superfood and pea protein blend is made of ethically harvested ingredients sourced from some of the most exotic places and nutritionally dense plants known to mankind. The result is a uniquely satisfying and exceptionally nourishing natural energy source that embodies nutrition without compromise.

Organic raw cacao powder*, Organic raw chia seeds*, Organic raw hemp protein powder*, Organic raw maca root*, Organic raw mesquite*, Organic raw lucuma fruit*, French grown water-extracted yellow pea protein.
*Raw and certified organic at source

Protein Content: 27g protein per serving

1.5 frozen bananas
2 heaped tablespoons Wazoogles Superfood
+- 7 blocks of ice
1 Cup water
Optional extras (see below until tips and tricks)

Add all of the above contents to a blender.
Blend and enjoy!
If some of the frozen ingredients aren’t blending properly, then whilst the blender is not on, pulse the ingredients quickly every few seconds.

How to freeze your bananas:
Peel off the skin, place in an air tight Tupperware and store in the freezer. Will store for several months. Provided your bananas don’t have frostbite (a thin layer of ice frosting covering them), they are good to go!

I don’t like bananas? What now…
Bananas are an amazing base for smoothies as they provide a creamy texture and sweetness. However if you aren’t a banana fan, there are tons of other options you can use. Try using a thicker milk alternative eg: coconut milk or yoghurt as a base and add some honey to sweeten. You can also add cashew nuts, almonds, sugar free peanut butter or other nut butters, chia seeds, sunflower seeds or hemp seeds to thicken your smoothie. Once you have the creamy texture and sweetness down, you can leave it at that or add a fruit to the mix as well, be creative and add what you feel will be delicious. A winner is for sure strawberries and/or mixed frozen berries and don’t forget about your best friend cinnamon!


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