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Here is a supernatural phenomenon that is going to blow your breakfast mind. These combinations will turn an average breakfast into the absolute bomb! Designed to make your life easier, these bombs add texture and nutrition to your smoothie bowls, smoothies, yoghurt, fruit and oats. You could even get dirty and sprinkle your Wazoogles Breakfast Bombs on ice cream, or they’re a great healthy snack on their own.

These 100% organic seeds are crammed with omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fibre, iron, vitamin and minerals. Gluten free, GMO free and suitable for vegans.

Chocolate Eruption – Flavour Description

Chocolate rocks, flame-red power berries and super seed rubble. Suddenly you’ve got puffed Peruvian quinoa wrapped in molten heirloom cacao, the crunch of purple corn superfood flakes and cacao-dusted coconut all exploding on your tongue. It’s a  Chocolate Eruption and it’s dangerously good.

Key Factors
Certified Organic at Source
Gluten Free
No added sugar
13 Superfoods per pack
Halal and Kosher

Directions for use
1 tablespoon
(15g) is enough to supercharge your breakfast. (Contents may settle, shake well before use)
Supercharge your breakfast, or smoothie bowl.
Power up your smoothies and yoghurt with Omega-3’s, amazing nutrition and texture!
Elevate your snack game and eat on-the-go!

Hero Ingredients

Chocolate Quinoa Pops
Puffed Peruvian quinoa, enrobed in heirloom chocolate.

Purple Corn Superfood Flakes
Purple corn, quinoa, yacon and cacao nibs

Cacao Dusted Coconut Chips
Crunchy cacao-dusted Sri Lankan Coconut.

Yacon rolled Cacao Nibs
Yacon rolled heirloom Criollo Cacao nibs.

Rolled in Superfoods
Lucuma & maca for extra punch

Organic cacao coconut chips (21%), organic hemp seeds (20%), organic chocolate quinoa pops (18%), organic purple corn flakes, organic yacon cacao nibs (15%),  organic chia seeds, organic roasted buckwheat, organic goji berries (11%), organic pumpkin seeds, organic lucuma, organic maca.
100% certified organic at source. CONTAINS: Tree Nuts. Allergens: this product is packed in a factory where tree nuts, sesame and peanuts are also handled.

Zero Waste Shipping

Product will be shipped in an unbleached brown paper bag made from recycled paper. It is 100% biodegradable, compostable along with any food waste or recyclable as long as it has no residual food in it. Energy was still used to make the bag during manufacturing, therefore we’d like to encourage all customers to reuse their paper bags at least three times to reduce their carbon footprint. We pack each online order in a reused box which we collect from deliveries made to us by our suppliers or donated by friends and family.  We seal the boxes with 100% fully biodegradable packing tape.

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