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Theonista kombucha is brewed & bottled by hand in Woodstock with 100% natural ingredients. Their kombucha base is made from top quality tea & botanical blends and all flavouring comes from pure fruit & root extracts without added sugar, preservatives, colourants, or other junk.

Theonista sees fermentation as a magical, transformative, and generally delicious process. They also believe in the idea that food can be medicine (or poison) and that living foods such as kombucha can significantly enhance health and tangibly highlight the connection between gut ecology and overall wellbeing.

Traditionally pronounced “kom-BOO-chuh”, kombucha is a beverage made by fermenting tea and sugar with a specific culture called a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast). It has a unique sweet-tart-tangy-zippy taste and a light fizz. As best as we can tell, kombucha has been around for over 2 000 years and most likely came from Asia. It has popped up in many cultures worldwide and is traditionally consumed for its overall health-enhancing properties.

Purported benefits of kombucha include enhanced digestion, immunity, energy, skin & hair, and detoxification. Rumour has it that it’s also an excellent hangover cure…Traditionally fermented raw kombucha is full of living probiotics, organic enzymes, polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.Most of the sugar used to make kombucha is consumed during the fermentation process; it is food for the SCOBY (not you) as well as the living organisms which make kombucha so beneficial.

Bushman’s Blend 330ml: This flavour is a deeply detoxifying and nutritious blend of organic and/ or wild grown botanicals. Specifically, it includes wild grown mountain buchu, organic honeybush, and whole star anise. It has notes of black currant, wild mint, and citrus, and has surprised even buchu-skeptics with its deliciously approachable flavour profile.

Cape Point Blend 330ml: While this blend has very strong floral notes, the flavour actually comes from a blend of organic and/or wild grown lemon-scents harvested near the very tip of Africa—specifically, the blend includes pelargonium crispum &/ or citronellum, lemon eucalyptus, and lemon verbena. Organic hibiscus gives this brew a delightful pink hue and, along with with premium fermented organic green tea, provides a refreshing hint of tartness.


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Bushman's Blend, Cape Point Blend

1 review for Theonista Kombucha – 2 variants

  1. Lindi

    Definitely my favourite kombucha !

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