The Apothecary Tooth Powder – Rosemary and Peppermint 35g


This tasty, edible and wholesome remineralising tooth powder has a classic fresh taste, and cleans gently yet effectively.

It makes a great vegan alternative to The Apothecary’s delicious natural toothpastes (which contain a tiny quantity of raw Cape beeswax).  It is also a solution for those who dislike the texture of natural toothpaste, or who just want to to give something different a try!  It’s perfect for travelling as it weighs next to nothing.

This powder is based on many of the same ingredients as The Apothecary’s toothpastes, including non-GM xylitol (a well-known dental hero and enemy of the bacteria that cause tooth decay), detoxifying clay, traditional dentifrice baking soda, a hefty dose of calcium, magnesium and an array of other minerals and trace elements essential for remineralisation of teeth and general tooth health and repair.

The fresh Peppermint and Rosemary flavour is further boosted by the colourful inclusion of spirulina powder. Spirulina is a true superfood which is bursting with calcium (27 times the concentration as in milk), is an effective antioxidant, and very good at binding to, and hence removing during brushing, toxins such as heavy metals.

Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate), Bentonite clay, Calcium & magnesium with trace elements, Calcium fluoride (Tissue Salt No.1), Peppermint essential oil (organic), Rosemary essential oil (organic), Spirulina, Xylitol (Birch).

50ml/ 35g


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