Super Fresch Rooibos Superfood Blend – Cacao


Super Fresch Rooibos Superfood Blends are packed with the power of the indigenous South African botanical, Rooibos tea. This concentrated & synergistic blend of superfoods known for their antioxidant, protein & nutrient-rich profiles, with anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic, immune & metabolic health boosting properties. Can be used every day for added nutrition to increase vitality and achieve optimal health.

Made with organic ingredients, vegan, free of: Preservatives, flavourings, colourants, additives, refined sugar and naturally caffeine free. Add this blend to your smoothies, breakfasts or baked treats.

This Super Fresch Cacao Blend is malty, chocolatey and incredibly hearty and an amazing natural mood elevator. High in antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and iron. Take a look at this amazing Cacao Super Fresch Smoothie Bowl Recipe.

Rooibos espresso (22%), Cacao (22%), Hemp, Lucuma, Mesquite, Chia, Maca, Rooibos extract
Serving Size: 20g

Product will be shipped in an unbleached brown paper bag made from recycled paper. It is 100% biodegradable, compostable along with any food waste or recyclable as long as it has no residual food in it. Energy was still used to make the bag during manufacturing, therefore we’d like to encourage all customers to reuse their paper bags at least three times to reduce its carbon footprint. Thank you for supporting the zero waste movement and making a difference.


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